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HidroBoya: intelligent monitoring system for water quality

HidroBoya is a multi-parameter buoy providing an accurate, real-time water quality monitoring system, with low maintenance needs and tailored to the needs of the customer.

HidroBoya is a patented system (Patent Pending, US Patent Application No. 61224557.) for water quality monitoring that definitely overcomes the fouling problem.

Title of Invention: AUTONOMOUS AND REMOTE-CONTROLLED MULTI-PARAMETRIC BUOY FOR MULTI-DEPTH WATER SAMPLING, MONITORING, DATA COLLECTION, TRANSMISSION, AND ANALYSIS. Application Number: 61224557. Filing or 371(c) Date: 2009-07-10. Patent Office: United States Patent & Trademark Office. Inventors: Carlos Durán Neira & Xulio Fernández Hermida

  • Multi-parameter buoy.
  • Low-maintenance.
  • Sample several water depths with one single unit.
  • Data accuracy.
  • 100% customizable under customer request.
  • Real-time data gathering.



Hidroboya launches onto the market a water sampling system using sensors housed in one or more chambers under controlled environmental conditions, ensuring data accuracy and stunningly decreasing maintenance needs.

One single unit of Hidroboya is able to sample several water depths, ensuring that nature and characteristics of the water sample remain untouched and therefore providing physical and chemical information along several water layers.


  •  Data accuracy

Conventional monitoring buoys have a very short service time life. Corrosion and microorganisms attach (and attack) the sensors within few weeks, leading to malfunction or invalid data.

In Hidroboya, sensors are housed within separate chambers under controlled environmental conditions. Sensors are not permanently in touch with water, but only for the time that measuring process is carried out, therefore keeping them in optimal conditions and ensuring data accuracy.

  •  100% Customizable

The set of sensors within an Hidroboya is fully customizable to meet each customer needs. Some of the most usually deployed sensors are: pH, turbidity, temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, red-ox, chlorophyll, fluorescence, ORP, hydrocarbons, nitrates, ADP current meters and wave sensor, among others.


  •  Real-time data:

Information gathered from each sensor is provided in real-time at HCTech website (restricted access for customers).
“Pagina continuata sensorum” philosophy is behind the features tha Hidroboya may provide the final customer:

  • Features of the station.
  • Data gathered from each sensor at each water depth.
  • Tables of  data along last recent days.
  • Graphics.
  • Interactive information between two dates.
  • Download the information.