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XeoTV: Georeferenced submarine television


XeoTV is a new software application that allows you to record directly onto the hard drive of a laptop submarine georeferenced video files, all automatically and in real time, using only a laptop with a video capture, thus avoiding the need to use cassette and video tapes.


The software used to capture XeoTV a DGPS operation connected through an RS-232 serial port and a video camera connected to a PCMCIA capture. Being around the integrated system on a laptop aboard the space required for installation is minimal which allows to work more comfortably..

The video camera is mounted on a metal skid hydrodynamic design that facilitates its own drag on the fund and minimizes the risk of coupling barriers, providing images of great clarity and stability.

The software has a user interface simple and intuitive interface that allows you to configure devices quickly and easily be ready in a few seconds for video recording. Each of the transects will record video directly on your hard disk with a file with captured data from GPS to take geo-enable. In this way then you can view directly from the instant of video for a given area.


Xeo-TV is also equipped with a navigation tool that allows you to upload a map with the planning of the campaign and display it on the position of the boat at all times, thereby improving the efficiency, effectiveness and efficiency of the work of field.

The company has taken into account the final results and this has created a visualization software that allows to consider each point in each of the video transects from a campaign directly and without the need for having to go through all the video to get to a point. The application allows to represent the video transects on different base maps (bathymetry, sonar image, orthophoto, etc) This tool will display comes on the CD / DVD along with the captured video transects.