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Bares Buoy

What are Bares Wave Buoy and Bares Wave Sensor?

Bares Wave Buoy is a new directional wave buoy with the lowest possible price for quality. Its innovative patent pending software refines wave information to provide accurate data.

Bares Wave Sensor, the 'brain' of Bares Buoy, may be also purchased separately for deployment on a buoy or any suitable platform on customers possession.

What is it for?

Wave Real Time Monitoring.

What can it be used for?

Wave real-time monitoring for:

  • Port operations

  • Weather and ocean monitoring

  • Survey for coastal and port engineering

  • Coastal and port construction works

  • Ocean research

  • Evaluation of wave energy potential

  • Offshore energy facilities monitoring

… generally: any field where wave monitoring is relevant for operations or planning.

What are its main benefits?

  • A new cost-effective solution.

  • Tough and reliable equipment.

… plus:

  • Real-time information

  • Self sufficient power supply

  • Customizable settings

What information does it provide?

Spectral Mean Period (s)

Hmax (Max Wave Height, m)

Hs (Mean Wave Height, m)

Ts (Mean Period, s)

H10 (Mean Highest Decile Wave Height, m)

Tp (Peak Period, s)

Spectral Significant Wave Height (m)

Mean Direction (º)

Mean Directional Dispersion (º)

How does it work?

One basic principle: accelarations → wave parameters.

How about results?

All the information gathered by Bares Wave Sensor, both deployed over Bares Wave Buoy or on customer's own platform, are provided through HCTech customer website enabling real-time buoy monitoring or forwarding communications directly to customer's server.

Thanks to Pagina Continuata Sensorum phylosophy all the records are avaliable:

  • Features of the unit

  • Real-time data

  • Tables with data from recent dates

  • Diagrams

  • Interactiveness on data visualization

  • Download the files with all the information

How does already trust Bares Wave Sensor and Bares Wave Buoy?

Bares Wave Buoy and Bares Wave Sensor has been used for cutting-edge applications:

  • Meteogalicia (Galician Weather Agency) uses HCTech Bares Wave Buoy for ocean wave monitoring network, with three buoys placed in the atlantic coast.

  • The University of Costa Rica uses a Bares Wave Buoy for ocean research.

How can to get further information and buy a Bares Wave buoy or sensor

Our Sales Parners or HCTech directly may give you an answer for your questions. If you prefer to ask online, click here.

Last Updated (Thursday, 08 January 2015 20:24)