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Produkte Wasserüberwachung Xove Mini-buoy

Xove Mini-buoy

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Xove Mini-buoy


HCTech has developed Xove Mini-buoy based on Hidroboya. The main goal of Xove Mini-bouy is to measure turbidity or any case where you just need to measure one or two parameters in one superficial water layer. Xove Mini-buoy is much smaller than its parent Hidroboya, since there is no need for a multi parameter probe or a several water depth sampling system.

Power supply system uses two solar panels that make Xove Mini-buoy self-sufficient. It does hold a marine signalling system. Gathered data (turbidity or other parameters) are sent to HCTech servers, from which the customer may get information in real time, as well as monitor its progress.

The firs Xove Mini-buoy was placed and started on March 2012, near Xove shore, in Lugo (Galicia).

Main benefits:
- Anti-fouling
- It ensures data accuracy
- Real-time data gathering
- Cost-effective solution
- Small and easy to use