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Yo-Yo Buoy: HidroBoya for flat water.

Yo-Yo Buoy is an adaptation of HidroBoya for water analysis in flat water environment (dams, lakes, marinas...). Quietness makes feasible a more simple system than in Hidroboya. Yo-Yo Buoy uses a single catheter, which rises and lowers to each to sample each water depth. Then, measuring is carried out within the buoy itself.

Stratification of water layers and the vertical distribution of certain populations of plankton need a precise control on sampling and require analysis at several water depth. A detailed survey of several water layers is very important on inland water surveys..


  • Yo-Yo Buoys ensures an accurate analysis at any water depth.
  • Fouling effect is avoided and maintenance needs are much lower.
  • The catheter has a specific design in order to impede contact with the bed, avoiding damages or invalid data.
  • In case of need, sensors may be deployed underwater as in conventional equipment.
  • Available bidirectional GPRS communication, enabling real-time full control of the buoy and its analysis functions.
  • Materials harsh environment resistant, even in presence of high levels of salinity, humidity and extreme temperatures.

Yo-Yo Buoy has all the HidroBoya antifouling features, resulting in low maintenance needs. As HidroBoya, Yo-Yo Buoy is able to send data in real time too.