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MUESTRE·ON: control and accuracy in water sampling

Muestre·on is a smart sampler that performs a smart control of water samples via separate channels to avoid contamination for later analysis.

Water sampling may be configured to start due to variation of any of the parameters. E.g.: due to dirty water flow variation or due to pH variation.

Muestre·on has been designed for heavily contaminated water, e.g.: access to sewage treatment stations.

Contamination between samples is avoided by collecting water via separate channels.

Stability of samples upon lab analysis is ensured by a conditioning system.    

Main features:

  • Separate channels for water sampling in order to avoid contamination between samples.
  • Tough and powerful pumping system
  • Remote setting via GPRS
  • Real time data sending
  • Easy to clean
  • Unbroken cold chain on water sampling
  • Customer may adjust settings for sampling pattern
  • Option: sampling may start due to variations on water parameters    


Last Updated (Sunday, 29 January 2012 11:51)