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Diving GPS: the utility of using the GPS under the sea

The HCTech Diving GPS is a simple and easy device that allows navigation and positioning with GPS accuracy during the dive.

The GPS equipment is equipped with mapping that allows the diver to perform a default route, to plan and execute precision searches and to place objects without the needing of complex acoustic equipment and without having to go up to the surface.

Now all GPS available functions ( plotter, cartography…) can be used under the sea and even be very useful in low visibility waters.

Diving GPS comprises a float with a luff as a base for the antenna, a 10 to 25 m length protected cable and a flexible waterproof cover housing the GPS Plotter. GPS buttons may be operated through the flexible case.

It is very suitable for archaeology works, search and rescue, biological sampling, underwater surveys, etc.

The accuracy depends on the GPS equipment that is installed. HCTech will install the best GPS for every use. With a differential GPS accuracy can be submetric.




Diving GPS