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TERMIST·ON: thermistor chain for water temperature measurement at different depths

TERMIST·ON is a sensor that allows to measure the water temperature at different depths. It is the perfect complement of the HidroBoya, because it is integrated as a sensor that provides the temperature in the column of water sampling. It can also operate as autonomous sensor. TERMIST·ON is fully configurable (for example, the number of temperature samplings per hour).



Its main features are:

  • Based on the use of thermistor chains
  • Its measurement points and the distances between them are configurable
  • Security measurement: double temperature samplings at each measurement point
  • Accuracy:  0.25 degrees
  • All temperatures found in a single reading
  • Fast reading and antifouling measuring point
  • Communication via RS232 or RS485
  • Robust, pulling-resistant
  • Adaptable to work in other environments (marine or not)