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Products Wave and Tide Laxe

Laxe: precision and communication in a swell gauge

Laxe is a swell gauge that allows the measurement of the height of the waves with great precision: height, period, form, frequential components, etc. Also you can study  " long wavelength tides", a very important concept for marine scientists. All is done thanks to the pressure sensor (with the possibility of atmospheric pressure compensation).



Its main features are:

  • Powered by solar panels or by power supply.
  • Single-crystal silicon solar panels protected by polycarbonate casing
  • No degradation in marine environments
  • Made of polypropylene
  • Beat the IP68 protection
  • Resistant to shocks and aggressive environments
  • Size and shape of the base are manufactured to customer's request

Laxe allows real-time monitoring or the storage of data in the own sensor (data logger). To make this, it establishes communication via GPRS. There is a satellite version for applications away from the coast.