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About Us

About Us:


HCTech is a technological company, focused on the design, manufacture and marketing of own hydrographic technology products.

This company was created after years of collaboration between CIS (Centro de Investigaciones Submarinas/ Underwater Research Center) and the GPI-RV research group of Universidad de Vigo.

Along this 10 years numerous products for application in control and exploitation of the resources of the sea were developed. Based in public projects and end of studies projects, we developed a portfolio of products that transcended the business model of an environmental consultancy (CIS). In year 2011, we decided to create a company that provide an output to all these developments, which otherwise would be as pure intellectual exercise and would not cause any real influence in society

Obtaining the patent of the HidroBoya was the final impulse to form HCTech.



HCTech consists of a multidisciplinary team, which joins the world professional experience in the oceanographic and application of new technologies in this sector.

The organizational team is as follows:



  •      Technical Management: Responsible for the direction of the company and its participation in projects
  •      R & D Department: Manages the projects in development.
  •      Production Department: Executes the performance of products once the development phase is culminated.
  •      Department of Projects: Makes the management and maintenance of customer accounts.
  •      Department of Sales and Administration: Our work experience in the sector allows to market our products through our own channels.
  •      International Delegations: HCTech has a network of offices in USA, Mexico, Chile, Netherlands, Italy and Germany.


The multidisciplinary is a pillar of our company, here we are telecoms, industrials, biologists, chemicals, electronicists, etc. This makes us particularly effective when we developing new products. Our philosophy is open source. Collaboration is at the base of all our projects.

We are deeply ecological, we are looking for take care about our planet and in particular the aquatic environment aware that all our actions have consequences. By the enormous amount of coast that we have in Galicia (Spain), where the headquarters of HCTech is located, the marine environment has always been our main motivation.



Despite being a relatively young, HCTech joins the experience of 25 years of environmental consultancy of CIS with 10 years of developments and  research projects between the CIS and the GPI-RV.

The experience of CIS makes us so much closer to the real needs of people and institutions who live in the sea or to the sea. After 25 years of operation are thousands carried out consultancy work.

Collaboration with GPI-RV begins in 2002 to develop the PROCIS, a program of mapping and underwater research that picks up the signal of a scanner of side-scan technology at that time. Since that time, they develop dozens of research projects in common, which were giving rise to some of the developments that are currently part of the catalogue of HCTech.




  • Hidroboya:


  • HCTech Web:


  • XeoTV:


  • Hercules Lanterns:



  • Yo-yo Buoy:

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Scientific publications


Our main clients are:


  • Aguas de Galicia


  • Consellería de Ordenación del Territorio / Obras Públicas

  • Observatorio Ambiental de Granadilla (Canarias)


  • Laboratorio de análisis químicos y microbiológicos Noresga


  • Autoridad Portuaria de Marín

  • Meteogalicia

Proyecto Raia

  • OYS Noroeste S.L.


  • Portos de Galicia


  • Autoridad Portuaria de Ferrol


  • Autoridad Portuaria de Vigo

  • Eptisa

  • Hidtma





HCTech has collaboration agreements in different projects with these organizations:


  • PLOCAN: Plataforma Oceánica de Canarias (Canary Islands Oceanic Platform, Spain):

Collaboration agreement for vehicles with remote control.


  • Meteogalicia (Regional Observatory for the study of climate, Galicia, Spain):

Collaboration for the positioning of the new Hidroboya in the National Park Islas Atlanticas de Galicia (Spain).




  • Fundación Observatorio Ambiental de Granadilla (Foundation Granadilla Environmental Observatory, Canary Islands, Spain):

Support in the positioning of the new Hidroboya with Android technology.